DCSA U8 Academy


The purpose of the DCSA U8 Academy is to provide a foundation for learing the game of soccer based on sound fundamentals and to promote a love for the game through fun-filled, enjoyable activities and quality training.


  • Increase each child's enjoyment of playing the game of soccer.
  • Relieve the stress and awkwardness of parent volunteer coaches.
  • Ensure all players are taught a solid foundation of fundamentals to build upon in the future.
  • Encourage a community-centered atmosphere in the club and to promote friendly competition.
  • Provide a smooth transition into competitive soccer at the U9 age level for those players that choose to.



DCSA Staff, including US Youth Soccer-licensed coach(es) will conduct weekly training sessions for all U8 players. These training sessions will be focused on fundamentals of the game: footwork, dribbling, receiving touch, using different parts of the foot and for what purpose, spacing, simple passing combinations, defensive positioning, tackling, shooting, and throw-ins. Before the season begins, there will be 2 training sessions per week. Once the season begins, there will be only one training session per week. Instead of parent volunteer coaches, we will have managers. All they will need to do is coordinate playing time ensuring every player plays at least half of every match, coordinate snack schedules (if they so desire), and just make sure evryone gets to their game on time. No need to worry about coaching - just manage the players! Leave the coaching to us! We will provide every manager with guideline to go by to ensure every player enjoys the game as much as possible and everything goes smoothly. Any parent volunteer managers that aspire to get into coaching, please contact us. We are always looking for more coaches at the competitive level. We will help you on your path to becoming licensed by US Youth Soccer and we can share with you the many years of experience our competitive coaches have. Training sessions will generally last 1 hour. Please make sure your child brings water, a size 4 ball, soccer cleats, and shinguards to training. Be early so that you don't miss anything!

We will also provide information regarding indoor soccer for the winter and help organize that for those that wish to participate. Indoor soccer will incur additional cost.

In the spring, we will provide a couple of opportunities to attend weekend tournaments as they become available. The fees for such tournaments are not included in the regular Southaven recreational fees and will be optional to any players that wish to participate. Some travel may be required, but usually not more than a couple of hours away.

At the end of the spring, those players wishing to form the incoming U9 DC Galaxy competitive teams for both boys and girls will have a head start on everyone else and details will be passed along at that time. For those wishing to continue playing recreational soccer as they get older - that's fine too. U10 age group will be organized in a traditional manner with parent volunteer coaches.